California Retired Teachers Association

San Mateo County, Division 22
Core Purpose: To enhance and protect the benefits of retired educators.


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Division 22 Contact
Sonia Warfield - President
Phone: 650.348.7094

V.P. Membership: Ron Quok
V.P. Programs: Lynn Levine
Treasurer: Robert Warfield
Secretary: Jane Anderson


Sonia J. Warfield, President

Dear Educators/Interested persons!

Welcome to the Division 22 Website!

The fact that you are checking us out means that you are a curious reader, a recently retired educator, a soon-to-be-retired educator or a long-time retiree looking for a good fit! If you are in any of these categories, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve already looked at the CalRTA website, you may have a pretty good idea of the purpose of CalRTA; “To protect and enhance your pension.”

The CalRTA has over 80 years of service and experience with approximately 48,000 members throughout the state. Not only are retired teachers welcomed, but also administrators and associate memberships are offered for classroom aids and administrative assistants.

CalRTA protects our pensions by diligently monitoring activities at the state level, which pertain to our retirement. Legislative chairs from our local divisions as well as from the state CalRTA are involved in this process.

Our organization is always on top of whatever news there is regarding our pensions. Your membership $45/year membership fee supports this kind of protection. There are many other advantages to a CalRTA membership.

The individual divisions are non-profit. They receive a small rebate from the state based on the numbers of members. There are also many discounts available for members such as for See’s Candies. Members are eligible for a $10,000 interest free loan in case of a disaster, insurance discounts, and a death benefit from STRS of over $6,000. Members will receive the CONTACT magazine from the state, which informs us of all legislation affecting California Retired Teachers.

Our newsletter, THE REMINDER, comes out every 2 months to report on our local news, programs and the latest in legislation.

Division 22 awards scholarships to college students who aspire to become teachers. We have awarded grants to


classroom teachers who teach at schools within Division 22. Funds for these awards come from donations, memorials, and bequests. The teachers use the grants to support their classroom activities.

Our own division members enjoy our monthly meetings when we partake in a light luncheon, followed by a business meeting, an entertaining program and great camaraderie. We hope that our new members will attend these meetings.

When you decide to join us, whether it’s Division 22 or one near where you worked, you won’t be sorry.

Click on our THE REMINDER newsletter for more current news about Division 22. We hope you’ll stop by and check us out and decide to join CalRTA soon.

Sincerely, Sonia Warfield, President

Remember to Vote! Vote! Vote!  

Division 22 Recognizes The Week Of The Retired Teacher, Nov. 4-10

Please note our activities:

  • Contributing to college students pursuing a career in teaching through our scholarship program
  • Offering grants to working teachers in our area’s local K-12 schools
  • Contributing many, many volunteer hours in their communities
  • Recognizing members who volunteer for special small SMCalRTA jobs
  • Offering door prizes at every meeting, holiday luncheon, and the scholarship luncheon, to thank members for attending and for continuing membership
  • Our division discounts price of tickets to our luncheons for members
  • Recognizing fellow teachers in the Reminder in the Featured Teacher articles
  • Our division’s community outreach projects are donations for Samaritan House and the Children’s Receiving Center, which we collect every year at our December Holiday Luncheon

On Founder's Day, Feb. 11th, we honored our Presidents. (left to right): Current President Sonia Warfield, Past President and Area Director Tom Collette, Past Presidents Millie Cole, E. Damonte, Jane Anderson and Carol Setzer.